"Whales' Song", 2021        
Commissioned by the City of Mar Vista. Spray paint and acrylic on the Lighthouse Stained Glass building at 12102 Venice Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90066

"California Canyon", 2021
This backyard mural extends the view to make it go on forever. Colors were incorporated from the buildings behind the mural and the existing orange tree and chili plants. The color pallet was pulled from the clients's front yard. The trim of the mural mirrors the garage trim. Spray paint and acyrlic. 

"Under the Sea, 2021
An immersive mural in a residental backyard guest house.  

"Under the Sea", 2021
A residential mural inside the back guest house. So immersive! 

"Pet Pediatrics Exam Room", 2021
So many cute pets and animals hang out in this pediatrics exam room in Santa Monica, CA. We wanted it to be subtle and interesting for the kids to find new things each time they came. 

"Ocean Time Capsul", 2021
Roughly 600ft of ocean landscape with creative family surprises. The mural features the clients three kids and is a "time capsule" with hidden items of significance to them. A stone bench was transformed into treasure chests. 

"Gravlax", 2021
A window front mural for restaurant and bar, Gravlax at 12400 Washington Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90066. Incorporating salmon and a few other sea creature favorites. Included refreshing of the painted logo and pulling in colors from the mural and window trim so it was cohesive. 

"Tropical Paradise", 2020
Bringing the tropics to a Venice, CA backyard with inspiration from Scarface and Hawaiian shirts